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Welcome to! This website is dedicated to all the people who have developed a web site to help people learn something new. Without their inspiration, I may not have had the inspiration to develop this site. It is the shear joy of learning new things and the selfless desire to help other people which fuels the monkeyfighter. And, I can only hope that this site might somehow inspire you to share your knowledge and motivate you to help other people as well.

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GL4Java installation
Hair Regrowth Diary
Hair Loss Info
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Chi Gong
E Z Dim-Mak
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Build a DDR Pad
Auto Seats
Auto Trimming
Monkey Business
Dim Mak
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Combat Monkey

kempo karate forms

A long, long time ago, I wanted to learn karate. However, I lived in the boonies on the Iron Range. So, that didn't happen until I moved. Now, I know a little karate and I want to share it with you. So, if you live in the sticks, like I did, you'll want to check out the karate section.

If you like my art and what to learn from the 'good oil', I train at St. Cloud Karate Instruction in St. Cloud, MN.


If your a code monkey, you'll want to check out the code monkey section for the latest tutorials. Currently, I have tutorials covering Amiga game programming, Java demo effects programming, and even Word 97 game programming. However, most people want to know how I compiled the NeHe tutorial with C++ Builder.

Blaster ATV in sandpit

What could trap a monkey quicker than a barrel full of fun? Here I am getting separated from the ground on an '88 Yamaha Blaster. Yes! This is a lot of fun! And, if you want to see more fun things, click the monkey trap link!

Pure on the PS3

Did you come here looking to find out how to beat people with a D quad? Well, I'm thinking about making a tutorial but I'm not sure if there is interest. So, if you wants some tips on Pure, please send me an email (use link at top of page) with your request.

Weird Projects
Trampoline Project

How do you do a flip six feet above the mat on a lame Wal-Mart Jumpking trampoline with puny 5.5 inch springs. You rebuild it - That's how! If your into monkey grease, check out monkey wrench. I guarantee that I have projects that The Home Depot guys don't know about!

Fun Stuff

Who the heck is this guy? Why is he smoking a bong on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. What is the thing on his head. And, why is he in this web site!? That's monkey business. If it is strange, fun, or funny - its monkey business.

Random Bullshit:

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